3D Rhinestone Hello Kitty Head Retractable ID Badge Holder: Featured Image

3D Rhinestone Hello Kitty Head Retractable ID Badge Holder


Bling Kitty


Our customers speak and we listen – we’ve finally expanded our popular 3D Hello Kitty head badge reel into a beautiful collection. Now you can have your Hello Kitty retractable ID badge holder with your choice of colored bow. As if they weren’t cute enough; we’ve taken this amazing badge holder to the next level of style and fun. We love Hello Kitty as much as you and are proud to present this new bling 3D rhinestone Hello Kitty badge reel collection. You’ll only find them here in the Sizzle City Shop. If you love bling, you’re going to love this pull reel. This Hello Kitty badge reel is the most beautiful ID badge holder you’ll find anywhere!

Check out the SIZZLE CITY  shop for more custom Hello Kitty badge holder designs.


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Product Description

3D Hello Kitty Head Badge Reel Measurements

  • Length: 18″ Retractable Vinyl Line
  • Width: 1.5″ Diameter

3D Hello Kitty Head Badge Reel Features

  • Constructed of a Durable Polycarbonate Backing
  • Beautifully Designed with a 3D Hello Kitty Head Centerpiece
  • Accented with a Colored Rhinestone Bow
  • Fully Embellished with Shimmering Acrylic Colored Rhinestones
  • Equipped with a Retractable 18″ Vinyl ID Badge Leash
  • Paired with a Clear Flexible Polyurethane Button Snap ID Badge Collar
  • Spring-Loaded for Smooth Extend and Retract
  • Attached with a Polished Alloy Swivel Alligator Clip
  • Unmatched in Style and Quality

Additional Information

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 18 x 1.5 x 1.5 in
3D Hello Kitty Head Badge Reel Color Choices

A: Clear, B: Green, C: Pink, D: Orange, E: Turquoise, F: Yellow, G: Purple, H: Black