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Returns & Exchanges

We Care About Our Customers

We aren’t some big corporation – we are a family-owned and operated business. Expect that you will be treated like part of the family here at SIZZLE CITY.

If you’re ever unsatisfied with one of your purchases here in the SIZZLE CITY shop simply email us and we can help you arrange for its’ return. Yes – it’s that simple!

If anything goes astray with your transaction please trust that you’re in good hands and know that we are going to take care of you.


There are a few ways you can work your exchange here at the shop in order to get the products you most desire. We will work with you the entire time to expedite your requests to ensure you receive what you need in a timely fashion. Exchanges can be a long and tedious process so it’s very important to stay proactive on your returns & exchanges to make sure everything runs smoothly. We will do the best we can on our side to do the same.

We rely heavily on our customers to keep their eye on the tracking of their returns & deliveries and bring any discrepancies or re-routed packages to our attention so that we can then work out the issues directly with the USPS on your behalf.

Refusing Shipment
Some customers decide they don’t want an item or realized they ordered the wrong thing after it’s too late and their initial order is already on its’ way. When something like this happens these customers “refuse shipment.” Refusing your shipment is one way of getting your order back to our shop without picking up an extra shipping charge from the USPS. Unfortunately these refused shipments don’t always make it back to us – so we don’t recommend using this technique.

What is Refusing Shipment?
Once your package arrives to your doorstep, the receiver slaps an “X” on the label of their package and puts it back in their mailbox. The USPS then returns the refused package back to the sender – unfortunately this doesn’t always happen or go as planned.

Customers who refuse shipment on a package will be financially responsible for any items that do not return back to our shop. We do NOT recommend using this method of return on items you’ve had buyer’s remorse on. When instances like this occur or you’ve changed your mind on a purchase – contact us and together we can come up with the best way to get the item returned. In most cases we can make a deal for you that makes the package worth keeping. Please do NOT refuse shipments – it really isn’t worth the trouble.

Proper Exchanges
The best way to process an exchange through the store would be to follow these easy steps:

  1. Email or call a member of our team to issue you a return shipping label which you can print from your computer at home.
  2. Apply the label to the same packaging from which your original order was received.
  3. Return the package from your door step like when you first received it.
    NOTE: Most shipments do NOT require a trip to the Post Office.
  4. You will be emailed / called once your package has been received.
  5. Send the updated instructions for your exchange.

Important Exchange Notes
We work using the USPS everyday, we would never steer you wrong. Always apply these important notes to your returns/exchanges if you choose to process them on your own without the help of one of our teammates:

  1. We recommend using USPS First Class Mail Service
    NOTE: First Class Mail is an inexpensive & reliable way of mailing your packages. 
  2. ALWAYS place tracking on your package
    NOTE: USPS offers amazing real-time tracking reports at a very low fee. Tracking on your package is always a great idea in case it gets lost while in transit. Keep a copy of your tracking number handy at all times during your return/exchange. 
  3. ALWAYS include a short note to our returns/exchanges department on what actions you would like taken once your return has been received.
    NOTE: If we receive your package, we won’t know what to do with it. 
  4. Make sure your return label matches the original buyer’s name for the item or include this information on your note to our returns/exchanges department.
    NOTE: We need to know whom we are assisting with every order. 
  5. Be proactive on your return.
    NOTE: We assist many customers daily – it’s important that you contact us during your return/exchange to learn about the status of your order.
  6. Know what you want to do next once your return has been received.
    NOTE: We will be asking. 


Returns are an essential part of the process unfortunately – we want to make sure they go as smoothly as possible for you. Our goal here at SIZZLE CITY is to make you receive the most positive shopping experience imaginable. Follow these easy directions and your experience with us will be one to remember in hopes you will be coming back for years to come.

Returns can get expensive and frustrating – we want to take these unfortunate additions out of the equation. 

Avoiding Returns
Avoiding returns can be much easier than actually processing returns if you follow some/all of these easy steps:

  1. Read – we’ve spent A LOT of time listing the dimensions, features and measurements of all of our products on the product listings. We’ve also gone out of our way to include absolutely amazing shots throughout the website that describes these products using no words at all. Take your time and read these extra product descriptions to make sure they are fitting for your needs and requirements.
  2. Measure – take the dimensions and sizes of the products and compare them to your required needs. If they don’t fit – don’t buy them. Email us to see if we have or can make other arrangements to fit your specifications.
  3. Look at the Photos – The photos will show you EXACTLY what you will be receiving when you order from a listing inside of the store. If it isn’t displayed in the main listing image, chances are you won’t be receiving it.
  4. Use Common Sense – Do NOT make a purchase from a listing if you are not 100% sure you know all of the details about the product. If you aren’t sure about a product – read the product description. If you’ve read the description and looked at the images and are still unsure about something….
  5. Email or Call Us – We are ALWAYS available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about a product before you make your purchase. Our team works 7 days a week to assist you with all of your needs – we are always here when you need us.

Starting a Return
Returns are easy but we do have some rules we need to cover before you start your return.

14-Day Return Policy
Our 14-day return policy is a hassle-free return policy. If you receive a product and wish to return it within a 14-day time period due to dissatisfaction – we’ll pick up the tab. We stand by our products here at SIZZLE CITY and want you to love them as much as we do. If you don’t love them – we will pay for the shipping. Simply email or call us with the problem and we will arrange for its’ return. Yes – it’s that simple.

Un-used and un-opened items may be returned for exchanges or full refunds (including initial shipping costs + return shipping costs)

NOTE: Our 14-day return policy only applies on un-used / un-opened items. The buyer must contact us within the 14 days from when the item was first received (via USPS delivery confirmation date) – no exceptions!

30-Day Return Policy
You have 30 days to decide if this product is one that you would like to keep for a lifetime. Anything is possible during the first 30 days and we hope you choose wisely. But if you decide this product just isn’t for you – we’ll take it back! Used an open items may be returned for exchanges or full refunds (including initial shipping costs).

NOTE: Our 30-day return policy applies to used & opened items. Items must be returned in the same perfect condition in which they were first received – no exceptions!

After 30 Days
After 30 days from which your product was first received (via USPS delivery confirmation date) we cannot or will not accept these products back for refunds, exchanges or returns – no exceptions! 30 days is a great amount of time to fully test and enjoy your items of choice from our stop – please use your time wisely and stay proactive on your transaction.


Returns and exchanges aren’t always the appropriate action to be taken on an order that was received in an unsatisfactory condition. Occasionally items get damaged while in transit or the wrong color or size was received. These scenarios are unfortunate and unavoidable.

If your order arrives to your home in an unsatisfactory condition or you receive the wrong items, please stay calm and know that we will rectify any situation that has been encountered. You’re in good hands. 

  1. Contact Us – email or call us about the issue.
  2. Include a Photo – photos are the best way to describe the issue.
    NOTE: Please make sure your photos are well-lit and not blurry. Please remember that if you can’t make out what is in your photo, chances are we won’t either.
  3. Be Polite – issues are unavoidable while shopping online. Please be nice to the teammates that answer your calls and emails. We are here to help! If you feel yourself in a nervous rage, take break and pick up the phone a little later once you’ve calmed down a bit.
  4. Be Patient – if there is an issue with your order – it will be rectified immediately. Please be patient while we make the situation right for you.

The Photo Process
If you ever contact us about a damaged, defective or incorrect item you’ve received – we will ask for a photo for our own records. Please have that photo ready to send. This process was designed for your convenience to avoid the expensive & lengthy returns & exchanges process you may have encountered with other sellers. We’ve done our best to do-away with this annoying extra step of returning or exchanging a product in order to receive what you originally ordered.

In many ways we are just like a brick & mortar department store  –  where they require the item and receipt to receive a refund or exchange. We only require a photo of the item in order to receive what you deserve and desire.

A simple photo of the damaged, defective or incorrect item can get you: 

  • Replacement – if you’re item is damaged while in transit, simply send us a photo of the affected area and we will replace your item immediately at no cost to you.
  • Return – there is no need to return a item that has arrived to your home in an unsatisfactory condition. Simply send us a photo of the damaged, defective or incorrect item and we will process it as a return and issue your refund or replacement immediately.
  • Refunds – If you’ve received a damaged, defective or incorrect item in your order a simple photo can get you a full refund for your order.

Our amazing photo process is only one of the amazing steps we’ve taken to make SIZZLE CITY an great place to shop. We care about our customer’s satisfaction and the photo process is just one of the many ways you’ll be treated like family.

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